Why is MORPAC important?

It is crucial that our industry’s voice is heard in Washington, DC. Our policymakers need to be educated and informed about the potential benefits and consequences legislation could have on the real estate finance industry. A PAC is only as strong as the grassroots network behind it, so increasing the number of contributors to the PAC each year is essential to reminding policymakers about the numbers behind our advocacy efforts.

Why authorize?

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires trade associations like the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) to obtain permission from our members prior to communicating with you or your employees about certain political activities related to MBA’s political action committee, MORPAC.

Granting prior approval allows our Legislative and Political Affairs team to discuss the enormous impact that MORPAC has on the industry and your business through our political engagement activities. Moreover, you are helping MORPAC to continue to grow and become an even more effective political organization working to strengthen our voice in Washington, D.C. Visit MORPAC's authorization page for more information. This authorization can only be signed by an officer of your company.

Who is eligible for MORPAC?

Individuals highlighted below may be solicited at any time and any number of times. They are known as the “restricted class” or “eligible class”:

  • Mortgage Action Alliance Members
    • MBA Staff can provide a list of current MAA members at your company to confirm eligible class.
  • Executive and Administrative Employees Family Members and Shareholders of MBA Member Corporations**
    • Executive and Administrative Employees at your company are salaried employees who have managerial, professional, policy-making, or supervisory responsibilities.
      • The FEC has said that a company can use Fair Labor Standards Act “exempt” status as a rough shorthand for identifying this group.
    • Corporations must have provided advance written authorization for MORPAC to solicit their employees/family members/shareholders. Written authorizations are for specific periods of time and a company may not authorize more than one trade association to solicit its employees in the same calendar year.
  • Non-Corporate Members of MBA
    • If an MBA member is organized as a partnership under state law, including an LLC that is classified as a partnership for tax purposes, the partners and executive and administrative employees of the partnership may be solicited.

Non-Executive and Non-Administrative Employees of MBA Member Corporations are not part of this restricted class if they are not MAA members.

How does MORPAC decide which Members of Congress to support?

MORPAC allows us to pool our individual voluntary contributions to help elect and re-elect Members of Congress who understand and listen to our industry’s concerns on the issues that directly impact our businesses and livelihood.

The budgeting process is a collaborative effort between MBA Legislative and Political Affairs (LPA) staff and MORPAC Steering Committee members. Because the legislative process is both issue-based and politically driven, the MORPAC Steering Committee will periodically discuss and review the budget to accommodate necessary adjustments as changes in the political landscape and MBA’s issue arise.

MORPAC disbursements are prioritized depending on the ability of targeted members of Congress to advocate for the industry’s issues. Because of this, the majority of contributions from MORPAC are slated for legislators who sit on Congressional committees with direct responsibility over the industry’s legislative and regulatory priorities. Primarily, the committees with the most relevance to MBA’s advocacy efforts are the House Financial Services and Senate Banking Committees as well as the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees. In addition to committee assignments, MORPAC’s disbursement strategy is determined by a few other key criteria:

  • Party Breakdown – MORPAC’s contributions are bipartisan and reflect the party breakdown in Congress in both candidate and party committee disbursements.
  • Congressional leadership – Is the candidate in, or could the candidate be in a position of Congressional leadership?
  • Extraordinary Effort – Has the candidate demonstrated support of our industry’s issues?
  • Open Seats and Challengers – MORPAC mainly supports incumbent candidates with exceptions made for open seats and challengers on a case-by-case basis.
  • Record – Has the candidate supported our industry through votes and/or co-sponsorship of bills?

MORPAC is non-partisan. That is to say, the PAC gives to both Republicans and Democrats - though it generally leans a little more to the majority party.

How much can a member contribute?

The maximum amount that an individual can contribute in a calendar year is $5,000.

Is a contribution to MORPAC tax deductible?

No. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has ruled that contributions to any Federal PAC, including MORPAC, are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

How can I make a MORPAC contribution?

You can contribute to MORPAC by the following:

  • Online contributions. You may visit our online contribution form to contribute.
  • Check or credit card. We have contributions cards for you to give one-time check or credit-card contributions or you may set up recurring credit card contributions on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Payroll Deductions. You can work with your payroll department to make sure they can add MORPAC as an itemized payroll deduction. Payroll deductions allow eligible employees to contribute in smaller amounts over time rather than in larger lump sums.

What are the MORPAC contributor levels?

You can contribute to MORPAC by the following: Each year, MORPAC solicits funds from MAA members and eligible employees of MORPAC-authorized MBA member companies. MAA members can be an important part of MORPAC by participating in any of four levels:

Member who contributes $5,000 annually.

Member who contributes from $2,500 to $4,999 annually.

Member who contributes from $1,000 to $2,499 annually.

Member who contributes from $1 to $999 annually.

These suggested levels are merely guidelines and not required, as any contribution to MORPAC is accepted and appreciated. You will not be advantaged or disadvantaged in your employment situation by your decision to contribute or not contribute. Each level is recognized differently throughout the year, including but not limited to a special lapel pin, meet-and-greets at special conferences, event appearances with Members of Congress, MORPAC sponsored events, bi-annual reports, etc...