• As a federal political action committee, MORPAC only gives to candidates for federal office (U.S. House and Senate)
  • 100% of your contribution goes to electing and re-electing individuals to Congress.
  • The maximum annual contribution for an individual to give to MORPAC is $5,000
  • Any contribution more than $100.00 must be received via check or credit card.
  • MORPAC is a nonpartisan PAC (gives to Democrats and Republicans).
  • The budget is created at the MBA staff level and approved by the 20-person MORPAC Steering Committee
  • MORPAC disbursements are primarily focused on members of relevant committees (Senate Banking Committee, House Financial Services Committee, etc.)
  • MORPAC raises “hard” dollars. Because MORPAC gives campaign contributions to federal candidates, only personal, individual contributions can go to MORPAC’s account.
  • MBA can also accept unlimited corporate donations from its members into its PAC administrative fund that defray MORPAC operational expenses and pay for events that raise “hard dollars” for MORPAC.